13201. Initiating A Case Record


  1. All Children's Administration (CA) cases are:
    1. assigned a unique case number, generated by FamLink, and
    2. are "family based cases" with the exception of legally free, and adoption support cases.
  2. CA has three types of cases:
    1. Family Case - The intake supervisor (Field or Central Intake) reviews each intake, determine if information is on an existing case in FamLink and either links or creates a new case.
    2. Legally Free Case - When a child becomes legally free, the child is deactivated from the family case for the reason of "legally free". FamLink automatically creates a new Legally Free case for that specific child. A legally free case has only one participant and is created without a new intake.
    3. Adoption Support Case - After adoption finalization, an adoption support case is created through the Legally Free Case, from the options menu in FamLink. The legally free case should be closed as soon as all work is completed on it. This closed case becomes a restricted case in FamLink. The adoption support case becomes a "sealed" case, meaning it will only show in search results to those with secured adoption support security.
  3. If an adopted child is an alleged victim of abuse or neglect in their adoptive home or if non-adoption support services are requested, a new intake must be created in FamLink and a new family case should be created under the adoptive parents (separate from the adoption support case).