13604. Access to Restricted Records

  1. Children's Administration (CA) staff must not access any person, case or intake information without a need to know. "Need to know" means that the information is necessary in the discharge of an employee's professional responsibilities (see Administrative Policies No. 18.64; No. 05.01; 15.10)
  2. Employees assigned to a case have access to restricted records associated with that case.
  3. The following persons have been identified as the "designated Security Group" and have access to all restricted records in FamLink:
    1. Assistant Secretary
    2. FOD, P&PI, & Practice Model Division Directors
    3. Regional Administrators & Deputy Regional Administrators
    4. HQ Risk Management (Deputy FOD Director, Supervisor Constituent Relations, & Practice Consultants)
    5. DLR HQ Program Managers
    6. Legislative Liaison
    7. Ombudsman Office
    8. CATS Service Desk
    9. Foster Care Medical Team Supervisor & Lead Worker (HRSA)
    10. HQ IV-E (One Lead)
    11. HQ Payment Specialist (One Lead)
    12. HQ ICPC Supervisor
    13. HQ Adoption Support Program Manager
    14. Foster Care Public Health Nurse Program Coordinator & PH Assistant
    15. Area Administrators
    16. Administrative Secretaries
    17. Regional Safety (CPS) Program Managers or Fatality Review Program Managers
    18. Intake Supervisors