152063. Procedure

  1. Children's Administration staff shall use the form IBM Mainframe Security Access Form for Children's Administration to identify and authorize needed security. The individual(s) creating system user ID's need to have this information two weeks before a new employee begins work in order to have security in place before the employee's first day on the job.
  2. This form must be included in entrance and exit interviews, filled out by the Human Resource Consultant Assistant (HRCA) or the supervisor of the new employee, and emailed to ISSD Data Security one week prior to the employee's first day and no more than one week after their last day of employment.
    1. Creating a user new to the Administration
      1. At least two weeks before the employee's first day, a user ID needs to be created within the CAMIS system. This ID will be generated from ISSD Data Security. This will generate the seven character alphanumeric log-in ID that will be used with the other systems. The job classification/title and office information for the user is to be entered at the time this ID is created.
      2. If the user is hired into a new position, using the ID generated in CAMIS, a new user profile will need to be created in the DSHS Domain by a Children's Administration Service Desk person and a user directory created. Within this profile, the local ITSS will add the groups needed for them to access necessary information and printing capabilities. This will give the user access to the Local Area Networks (LAN) and the mainframe where CAMIS resides.
      3. If the user is in an existing position that has been vacated, any files not relating to this position should be removed from the file server by the region's or headquarters' ITSS or exiting employee's supervisor. Any files that are related to the position should be transferred to the new employee by the region's or headquarters or exiting employee's supervisor. Also using the ID generated in CAMIS, a new user ID will need to be created in the Exchange e-mail system by the Children's Administration Service Desk.
      4. If the user has another ID created by another agency, that ID must be used only if that ID is available in the CAMIS system.
      5. e. If the user needs security for specific CAMIS applications, the supervisor submits via memo the request for security training to the Children's Administration Service Desk.
    2. Moving a User Within the Administration From One Position to Another
      1. Since the user should already have a CAMIS user ID and NT domain ID, Children's Administration Headquarters Help Desk staff needs to update the CAMIS and NT ID's by changing the office information. The NT ID information will be updated by the local/regional ITSS.
      2. An e-mail ID may need to be created if the user is moving to an office with a different e-mail domain.
    3. Deleting a User From the Respective Systems
      1. CAMIS -- When a user leaves Children's Administration, the HRCA notifies the Children's Administration Help Desk and the local/regional ITSS within one week of the employee's departure.
      2. The Children's Administration Service Desk will update the CAMIS account information by putting a date in the Inactive Data field. This will trigger the events to remove access security and ensure the security integrity of the CAMIS system.
      3. The local/regional ITSS will transfer any mission critical files from the existing employee to the employee's supervisor (if necessary) and then delete the user's profile from the e-mail system and file server.
      4. If the person is remaining with the administration, the employee's CAMIS ID remains active.
      5. DSHS Domain -- When a user is leaving Children's Administration permanently, the DSHS domain ID is to be deleted. If the user is leaving the administration temporarily, the DSHS domain ID is to be disabled until the user returns.
      6. E-mail -- The Exchange administrator also deletes the e-mail ID at this time.
      7. Other Systems - When a user no longer needs access to other Information Services, the HRCA or supervisor notifies the Children's Administration Service Desk, who will remove the user's access to those systems.