152095. Upgrade/Change Procedures

  1. All communication during an Event will occur in the following manner:
    1. The communication "tree" will mimic the chain of command for both upward and downward communication.
    2. Communications will occur at regular intervals during the event or as needed. The intervals will be determined by the CATS Director, Technical Support Services Manager or designee at the time of the Event based on its severity.
  2. If any CATS staff suspects we are under the influence of an Event, that person will immediately contact the Technical Support Services Manager or designee with a description of the event, its symptoms and possible solutions.
  3. If an Event is verified by the Technical Support Services Manager or designee, all appropriate staff will be notified by any means available. An interim stop-gap solution will be provided with the communication to prevent further damage to the network or loss of productivity.
  4. The Technical Support Services Manager or designee will identify a NERP team. The NERP team will develop, document and prepare a solution for distribution as soon as possible.
    1. Depending on the severity of the event and the solution necessary, the Technical Support Services Manager or designee may summon the assistance of Non-CATS office support staff (see attached NERP Contacts list).
    2. If necessary, the SEA Account could be implemented. Please see the Shared Emergency Administration (ESA) Account Implementation Plan.
  5. CATS and/or Office Support group will proceed to apply the fixes to equipment according to the priority identified by each office or as directed by their immediate supervisors. In the event that a priority list is not available from the office, the default priority will be as follows:
    1. Intake
    2. Social Workers
    3. Clerical
    4. Supervisors
    5. Management
  6. Once the response is underway, the Technical Support Services Manager or designee will provide the Regional Management with a summary of the event, the plan to repair damage and an estimated time of completion.
  7. If the solution involves computer software upgrades, once the local network has been protected, each CATS staff member will need to contact their office's remote users to ensure that a re-infestation does not occur via remote, non-wired or "checkout" equipment. If CATS staff is unable to reach a user who has a "remote" device they will revoke network rights for that device until such time an authorized staff member can physically test the device and ensure its safety on the Children's Administration network.
  8. Upon completion of the response, CATS Management should conduct a review to determine the cause of the Event and how to improve processes and procedures to prevent such an emergency and/or improve the response in the future.