152123. Standard

  1. Due to the critical and confidential nature of the data used by the Administration, it is necessary that all data files and information that are confidential or mission critical in nature are secure when staff leave their terminals unattended.
  2. Employees must log off from CAMIS if they do not intend to use CAMIS for documentation or review of data for any period in excess of 90 minutes. CAMIS will automatically log off any user who has remained "idle" in the system for longer than 90 minutes. The automatic log off is necessary to assure data security, to allow active workers freedom to access the system, and to keep the system cost efficient. System users creating or updating CAMIS records, reviewing existing records, and/or performing searches in the system will not be involuntarily logged off if they perform any of these activities at least once every 90 minutes.
  3. Employees who use computers that access the Local Area Network (LAN) must either log off or lock their workstations by using the built-in lock feature within the operating system when they leave their terminals unattended. Additionally, an auto-locking feature will be implemented on all CA computer equipment so that following ten (10) minutes of user inactivity the computer will automatically lock with a password.
  4. For instructions on how to log off of the system or lock the computer with a password, staff should contact their local Systems Support Specialist or the CA Service Desk via email or telephone.
  5. Computer terminals within CA will not be set up to automatically enter the user ID and password into either the LAN or CAMIS system via a macro or program.