3311. State Children's Services Advisory Committee

  1. The task of the statewide committee is to assist the Secretary in the development of a partnership plan for utilizing resources of the public and private sectors and to advise on all matters pertaining to child welfare, adoption, and related services.
  2. The statewide committee membership is a broad-based group of child and family advocates, at least one of whom is from the adoption community, who represent diverse geographic, cultural, political, service/treatment, and other professional constituencies.
  3. The statewide committee consists of 18 members -- two from each region and six at-large. At least five members must be from Regions 1 and 2. One member of each regional committee shall represent the region as a member of the statewide committee.
  4. Membership is by application to the Assistant Secretary, and members may serve a maximum of two three-year terms.
  5. The statewide committee holds 10 regularly scheduled one-day meetings each year. Travel arrangements and reimbursement are handled through the state office for the committee.