46100. Monthly Supervisor Case Reviews


Monthly supervision provides practice guidance and case direction for the assigned Social Worker to address:

  1. Appropriate and timely delivery of services to families and children,
  2. Safety issues and family progress toward case goals,
  3. Concurrent planning and family cultural needs and
  4. Review of authorized family expenditures.


Social work supervisors must conduct monthly supervisor case reviews with each assigned social worker and document each case reviewed in the client electronic case file.
The case review discussion must include:

  1. A focus on child safety, including the supervisor's review that all monthly visits for the child, known parent/legal guardian and caregiver by the assigned social worker have been completed and documented as required in the Social Worker Monthly
  2. Health and Safety Visit Policy.
  3. Steps the family and/or children need to achieve permanency including concurrent planning, relative search, and community supports.
  4. Assessment of the services provided to each family, including the family cultural and linguistic needs.
  5. Note: Social work supervisors will not document social worker performance concerns in the client electronic case file.


Social work supervisors will conduct 100% case reviews monthly with staff. During these reviews, supervisors will:

  1. Discuss the following practice areas with the assigned social worker during the case review:
    1. Timeliness of response time (CPS only)
    2. Child safety threats
    3. Monthly health and safety contacts
    4. Family progress towards achieving safety and permanency and concurrent planning to include relative search
    5. Current well-being of children in out-of-home or in-home care
    6. Child return home when identified safety threats of serious harm can be managed and controlled with an in-home safety plan.
  2. Discuss the following issues to determine if case closure is appropriate:
    1. Safety threats have been reduced or eliminated and the parent or caregiver's protective capacities have increased to assure the child's safety and well being
    2. The legal action was terminated
    3. Service authorizations are closed
    4. Family connected to formal and informal supports and other community resources
  3. Document and record a summary of the supervisor case review discussion under the supervision/administrative review code under the client case name.