4630. Periodic Case Review

Legal Requirements

  1. Federal law requires that each child in out-of-home care have a full case review at least every six months from the beginning date of the placement episode. This may be accomplished in a full court review hearing or through an administrative review.
  2. State law requires that the case of every dependent child be reviewed by the juvenile court every six months from the date of the establishment of dependency or the date of the placement of the child, whichever comes first. Placement is limited to 90 days for children who are in placement as a result of an Child in Need of Services (CHINS) Disposition hearing.
  3. Other types of court hearings or internal staffing may sometimes meet federal requirements for periodic review if:
    1. Parent(s) of the child have been invited to the review or staffing.
    2. One person on the reviewing body is not directly responsible for developing and implementing the case plan.
    3. The review addresses the content of the periodic review.

Content of Periodic Reviews

  1. Periodic reviews cover the entire case plan and focus on child safety.
  2. They shall include a review of:
    1. The safety threats which necessitated placement.
    2. Need or reason for the child's continued placement.
    3. The report to the court, Case Plan and Comprehensive Family Evaluation.
    4. The appropriateness of the type of placement and the permanent plan.
    5. Parental progress with the case plan and progress toward permanency.
    6. The projected date that the permanent plan will be completed.
    7. Whether parents and children 12 years and older have been notified or involved in agency decision-making especially as it relates to changes in family time and sibling visitation, placement, and the child's legal status.