4650. Administrative Case Review

  1. Administrative case review must occur in the following situations:

    1. Court procedures or hearings have not met the federal guidelines or time-frames for periodic review.
  2. Administrative review may be used for other purposes as determined by the Regional Administrator.
  3. The social worker shall give reasonable advance notice of the date, time, and place of review to:
    1. Child's tribe, in accordance with the ICW Manual;
    2. Relative caretakers;
    3. Treatment Providers;
    4. Other professionals who play a significant role with the family;
    5. Individuals with responsibilities identified in the safety plan;
    6. The family, if appropriate, if not present, their perspective should be represented;
    7. Foster Parent;
    8. Child, if over 12 years of age.
  4. With the exception of the GAL and parents' attorney, parents must give written consent to the attendance of others at the review. Social workers shall encourage such permission. Foster care providers often have valuable information about the child's daily life, medical, educational and emotional condition. They may be invited into the review without parental permission but only for the purpose of giving information about the child's adjustment to out-of-home care and to give the reviewers information on the child's current condition.