7122. Responsibility for Purchasing and Inventory

  1. The Regional Administrator, Regional Manager, or Director, as applicable, shall implement procedures indicating staff responsibility for purchase of office supplies, equipment, and services in compliance with state guidelines, for maintenance of proper inventory controls, and for surplus of state-owned property.
  2. In exercising these responsibilities, the designated staff must:
    1. Adhere to the separation of duties guidelines in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) when ordering, receiving, inventorying, and surplussing equipment and supplies.
    2. Maintain a level of inventory consistent with use and reorder items as necessary to avoid depletion of supplies.
    3. Maintain a desk manual detailing all the necessary procedures for purchasing, inventorying, and surplussing equipment and supplies.
    4. Retain a copy of all purchasing documents; e.g., request notes, purchase order copies, invoices, and packing lists.
    5. Update information on the Agency Inventory System (AIS) computer program.