7420. Policy

  1. The Director, Management Services Division, for CA headquarters, or the applicable Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Regional Administrator or Division of Licensed Resources (DLR) Regional Manager must:
    1. Appoint an Asset Inventory Coordinator (AIC) to be responsible for the inventory control activities listed in the DSHS Asset Management Manual and TRACKS, the DSHS inventory system;
    2. Appoint an Asset Inventory Representative (AIR) to be responsible for the oversight of inventory at the regional and local levels;
    3. Ensure annual completion of a physical fixed asset inventory and reconciliation and that each inventory is documented by a signed "Certificate(s) of completion";
    4. Ensure that staff with no direct responsibility for assets subject to the inventory count performs physical inventories;
    5. Ensure the AIC is informed of any changes in the physical locations of the division or region's organizational units or their mailing addresses; and
    6. Attest to the completion of all biennial inventories by co-signing a "Certification of Completion" with the AIC.
  2. The AIC must:
    1. Facilitate exchange of information between CA and the DSHS Asset Management Section;
    2. Return the quarterly TRACKS confirmation packet of location code information and other inventory data updates to Asset Management within 15 working days of issue;
    3. Provide guidance to the AIR's on implementing division or regional and TRACKS procedures;
    4. Conduct inventory training necessitated by staff turnover;
    5. Coordinate the annual and biennial physical inventories with the AIR's and Asset Management;
    6. Compile the CA Physical Inventories and attach a "Certificate of Completion," co-signed with the division director or regional administrator and send to Asset Management.
    7. Notify Asset Management in writing of any changes in the AIR's, locations, phone numbers, organization, and security levels for access to TRACKS; and
    8. Perform inventory control tasks, including timely computer input and reconciliation, according to the guidelines in the Asset Management Manual.
  3. The AIR must:
    1. Account for the receipt, tagging, maintenance, and disposition of inventory according to the guidelines in the Asset Management Manual;
    2. Notify the AIC immediately of any changes in fixed assets, inventory staff, or the organization that might affect TRACKS; and
    3. Confirm the completion and reconciliation of the annual inventory by the signature of the regional administrator.
  4. The Headquarters Local Area Network (LAN) Administrator and the regional Information Technology Application Specialist/Information Technology System Specialist (ITAS /ITSS) or designee must:
    1. Share with regional staff the responsibility of inventory control functions associated with the coordination of new equipment, transfers, equipment loans, surplussing and the disposal of computers and related equipment;
    2. Send the updated information to the AIC/AIR/RBM and update TRACKS; and
    3. Assist in the annual physical inventories of all IT equipment.