7431. Purchasing Items Meeting Definition

  1. CA staff must complete all purchases in compliance with the DSHS purchasing guidelines published annually by Purchased Service Contracts.
  2. In addition to following other applicable DSHS guidelines, CA staff must request all IT purchases with the assistance of IT staff as follows:
    1. IT staff provide technical consultation during the entire purchasing processes for office automation hardware and software. This would include the following:
      1. Research products prior to the completion of an Information Technology Purchase Request (ITPR) to ensure compatibility with current systems and future upgrades.
      2. Provide recommendations to regional staff regarding products that would help resolve automation issues.
      3. Assist the Fiscal staff in locating vendors that will provide the right product at a competitive price with adequate post-purchase service.
      4. Ensure existing resources are exhausted prior to purchasing additional ones.
    2. Assigned staff must forward the completed Purchase Request with appropriate signatures to the CA Office Chief with proper justification and include the inventory location on the Purchase request to ensure accurate issuance of state tags on applicable equipment.
    3. The CA IT Office Chief will approve or disapprove the purchase. If disapproved, the IT Office Chief will send the ITPR back to the originator. If approved, the IT Office Chief will forward the ITPR to Purchase Services Contracts, where staff will complete the purchasing process and forward to the originator of the ITPR, a copy of the Field Order/Purchase Order (FO/PO). The Purchase Services Contracts staff will return the FO/PO with state tags, if applicable, for the item being