8323. Staff Training

Approval: Jennifer Strus, Assistant Secretary

Effective Date: February 15, 1998

Revised Date: October 31, 2014

Sunset Review: October 31, 2018


As a critical element in the delivery of quality culturally competent child welfare services, CA is committed to Children's Administration (CA) staff receive the training necessary to be successful in their current job, and throughout their professional career.


RCW 74.14B.010

WAC 357-34-055


  1. Mandatory Training
    1. All New Staff must: Successfully complete the DSHS New Employee Orientation required by DSHS Administrative Policy No. 18-34 located on the DSHS Intranet. Training topics include:
      1. Domestic Violence & the Workplace
      2. Blood Borne Pathogens & HIV/AIDS
      3. Diversity
      4. Harassment Prevention
      5. HIPAA
      6. Ethics Test
      7. IT Security Awareness
    2. New/Present Social Service Specialists must:
      1. Successfully complete Regional Core Training (RCT) during the first two months of beginning employment with CA.
      2. Be assigned no more than 10 total cases or no more than 6 intakes as primary or secondary worker until proficient in the RCT competencies and curriculum.
      3. Attend all RCT sessions (some exceptions may be made if the staff can demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the specific area as determined by the Supervisor, Area Administrator (AA) in consultation with the Alliance) and approved by the Deputy or Regional Administrator.
      4. Successfully complete In-Service trainings in prospective program areas or related topics, e.g., domestic violence, child mental health, etc., within the first year of CA employment or within one year of position transfer.
      5. Participate in specialized training which meets RCW 74.14B.010 requirements when responsible for interviewing and assessing child sexual abuse.
      6. Attend additional statewide and regional training when required.
    3. Non Social Service Specialists are not required to attend RCT but will be required to participate in training relevant to their current area of practice.
    4. New/Present Supervisors must:
      1. Successfully complete entry-level supervisory or managerial trainings as required by DSHS Administrative Policy No. 18-34 and WAC 357-34-055.
      2. Successfully complete Supervisor Core Training within the first six months of becoming a new supervisor or when requested by the Regional Administrator.
      3. Successfully complete In-Service training within the first two years of becoming a new supervisor, transferring to a new supervisory position or earlier if requested by the Regional Administrator.
    5. Foster Parents - Please see Foster Parent Training Information on the CA Intranet.
  2. Voluntary Training
    1. CA staff will be provided continuing education training opportunities annually to advance their knowledge and skill mastery.
    2. Child Welfare Training and Advancement Program (CWTAP) (IV-E) graduate students (not currently employed by CA) may register for RCT within six months of completion of MSW degree requirements. Exceptions may be made for students within nine months of graduation, if they are unable to attend RCT. CWTAP students are responsible for their travel, per diem, and lodging costs while attending RCT.
    3. Tribal social workers are eligible to participate in RCT and other CA trainings.
  3. Documentation
    1. Training requirements will be recorded by the current Human Resources tracking system.
    2. Each region will coordinate with the Alliance to update employee training information. A list of completed trainings is available to CA staff in the tracking system and whether or not a worker did or did not complete training may be used in the personnel evaluation process.


  1. Mandatory Training
    1. New CA (non Social Service Specialists) Staff must:
      Contact your supervisor or Human Resources Division to register for the DSHS New Employee Orientation.
    2. New/Present Social Service Specialists must:
      1. Complete DSHS New Employee Orientation which is included in RCT.
      2. Begin RCT on the first day of employment and complete RCT by demonstrating proficiency in the knowledge and skills contained in the competencies and curriculum. (CA Supervisors will register new hires with the Alliance when staff is first hired). To demonstrate previous child welfare experience, existing knowledge and skills in a specific RCT session you may:
        1. Submit a completed Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) to your supervisor. If the supervisor agrees, he/she will:
        2. Consult with the Alliance and send the request to the Area Administrator. If the AA agrees, the AA will:
        3. Send the request to his/her Deputy or Regional Administrator for approval. If there is disagreement regarding the approval, the RA will make the final decision.
      3. Complete the following In-Service training within the first year of hire:
        1. Program Specific Training; Intake, CPS Investigations or Family Assessment Response (FAR), Division of Licensed Resources (DLR)/CPS, Family Voluntary Services (FVS), Family Reconciliation Services (FRS), Child and Family Welfare Services (CFWS), Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children (ICPC), Adoption, and Licensing and Unified Home Study.
        2. Indian Child Welfare
        3. Basics of Substance Abuse
        4. Permanency Planning
        5. Engagement and Partnership with Caregivers
        6. Child Development Well-Being; Education, Health, and Adolescence.
        7. Risk and Safety Assessment
        8. Worker Safety
        9. Racial Disproportionality and Disparities
      4. Complete the following In-Service training within the second year of hire:
        1. Mental Health and Child Abuse and Neglect
        2. Domestic Violence and Child Abuse and Neglect RCW 74.14B.010
        3. Diversity - Building Bridges
        4. Indian Child Welfare Cross Cultural Skills
        5. Advanced Substance Abuse and Child Abuse and Neglect
        6. Collaboration/Customer Service
        7. Supervisors
        8. Contact your Supervisor or Human Resources Division to complete the following trainings as required by DSHS Administrative Policy 18-34 and WAC 357-34-055
        9. Contact the Alliance to complete the In-Service training at Alliance@dshs.wa.gov.
  2. Voluntary Training
    1. Social Service Specialists contact the Alliance Learning Development Coordinator to register for Focused Continuing Education trainings when approved by his/her supervisor.
    2. CWTAP and Tribal staff contact the Alliance Learning Development Coordinator to register for RCT, In-Service and Focused Continuing Education Trainings.

Forms and Tools

Regional Core Training Program Description

Prior Learning Assessment Form


Prior Learning Assessment

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