8611. Agency Responsibility

In a threatening situation, staff safety and well-being are primary. The agency will provide:

  1. Awareness of job-related safety precautions and the importance of attitude and professionalism as it relates to personal safety.
  2. Annual training on work-related and personal self-protection skills.
  3. Guidelines for worker safety posted on the Intranet.
  4. Cell phones for workers to check out when going into the field.
  5. A check in/out procedure for staff when conducting field visits.
  6. Tracking and reporting in the aggregate the number and nature of incidents using the Administrative Incident Reporting System (AIRS).
  7. Debriefing and support for staff as follow-up to trauma suffered as a result of serious incidents when safety has been jeopardized, such as a personal threat or an assault.
  8. Support for staff to request law enforcement assistance when using court orders to remove children from their families, regardless of known risk factors.