8721. Planning for Disaster Recovery

  1. Expectations
    1. In the event of a disaster, CA will ensure that essential records are protected, stored, and retrievable in accordance with its Essential Records Plan.
    2. Offices will initiate procedures to ensure worker and client safety, minimize damage to equipment and files, and restore critical functions for service delivery within seven working days. Basic levels of services are to resume at the earliest possible time.
  2. There are three levels of disaster:
    1. Water damage, contaminant damage (food, dust, etc.) to equipment or to a workstation or area that renders it unusable.
    2. HVAC system outages, computer, phone and power outages.
    3. Bombing, terrorism, violence, toxic fumes, and the like that render the facility unusable; fire, earthquake, flooding, and other natural disasters that leave the facility unusable; or death or severe injury that would incapacitate a work group.