8722. Operations

  1. Operations essential to CA are the work site, telecommunications, and social service programs. Within 24 hours basic services are to begin. The designated staff for the operational recovery will identify media sources, which can be used to keep the public, notified of CA operational recovery.
  2. Director of Management Services, DCFS Regional Administrator, and DLR Regional Manager Responsibilities:
    1. Prepare an emergency mission statement with implementation procedures.
    2. Prepare regulations and announcements for immediate issuance in the event of an emergency to enable the office to carry out its operational mission.
    3. Designate an Operational Coordinator for each work site.
    4. Approve the Operational Coordinator's selection of necessary steps to resume normal operations following an emergency.
    5. Provide adequate resources to support the recovery of CA office operations in the most cost-effective manner.
  3. Local Operational Coordinator's Responsibilities:
  4. Identify and select work site, telecommunication methods, and the recovery of social services programs that are necessary to carry out:
    1. Emergency mission, and
    2. Resume normal operations following an emergency.
  5. Submit a listing of selected work site, telecommunications, and social services program implementation to the Director, Regional Administrator, or Regional Manager, as applicable, for approval.
  6. Yearly, review the Operational Recovery Schedule. If needed, update and get the required approval.