8723. Essential Records

  1. Records essential to CA are a combination of paper and electronic files. Client records and payments processed through FamLink are in electronic files with criminal history background checks, court reports, and other client reports from outside sources in paper form. The journal voucher, vendor payments, personnel attendance, and payroll, Agency Inventory System (AIS), numeric registers, contract, administrator's accounts, regional financial reports, and position action requests are recorded in electronic files with paper authorization forms/back-up.
  2. Responsibilities of each Division Director, Regional Administrator, and Regional Manager include:
    1. Preparation of an emergency mission statement with implementation procedures.
    2. Preparation of regulations and announcements to issue immediately in the event of an emergency to enable the office to carry out its emergency mission.
    3. Approval of the Records Coordinator's selection of essential records necessary to carry out or resume normal operations following an emergency.
    4. Provision of adequate resources to support the protection of selected essential records in the most cost-effective manner.
  3. Local Office Records Coordinator's responsibilities include:
    1. Identification and selection of essential records for the office that are necessary to carry out:
      1. Emergency mission, and
      2. Resume normal operations following an emergency.
    2. Submission of a listing of selected essential records to the Division Director, Regional Administrator, or Regional Manager for approval. When it is approved, forward the list to the DSHS Records Officer, Forms & Records Management, MS 45805.
    3. Yearly review of the Essential Records Schedule. If needed, update, obtain required approval, and forward as shown above in 3.B.