8724. LAN/WAN Recovery

  1. Identify essential Local Area Network (LAN)/Wide Area Network (WAN) operations for operation of program and administration. The designated staff for the LAN/WAN recovery will identify software and alternate system access.
  2. Office of Information Services Manager responsibilities include:
    1. Preparation of a technology emergency mission statement with implementation procedures.
    2. Preparation of regulations and announcements to issue immediately in the event of an emergency to enable the Administration and each office to carry out its mission.
    3. Approval of the LAN/WAN Coordinator's selection of system recovery necessary to carry out or resume normal operations following an emergency.
    4. Provision of adequate resources to support the recovery of CA office system technology in the most cost-effective manner.
  3. Local LAN/WAN Coordinator's responsibilities include:
    1. Identification and selection of facility based and alternative computer systems to carry out:
      1. Emergency mission, and
      2. Resume normal operations following an emergency.
    2. Submission of a listing of selected LAN/WAN software/system(s) essential to recovery operations to the Regional Administrator or the Regional Manager, as applicable, for approval. Submission of the final approved LAN/WAN software/system(s) recovery to the Office of Information Services Manager, MS: 45710
    3. Yearly review of the LAN/WAN Recovery plan. If needed, update, obtain required approval, and forward as shown above in 3.B.