Child Care Subsidy Programs Policy Manual


This manual is intended to provide additional policy guidance to Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and is intended to provide additional clarification to the intent of the policy. Procedures related to CCSP are to be placed in the DSHS procedure manual.

Working Connections and Seasonal Child Care Subsidy Programs

110-15-0001 Purpose and Intent

110-15-0002 Scope of Agency Responsibilities

110-15-0003 Definitions

Eligibility Requirements

110-15-0005 Eligibility

110-15-0012 Verifying Consumers’ Information

110-15-0015 Determining Household Size

110-15-0020 Eligibility Special Circumstances

110-15-0021 Eligibility - Exclusions

110-15-0023 Homeless Grace Period (HGP)

110-15-0024 Categorical Eligibility for Families Receiving Child Protective, Child Welfare, or Family Assessment Response Services

Rights and Responsibilities

110-15-0025 Consumer Rights

110-15-0030 Consumer Responsibilities

110-15-0031 Notification of Changes

110-15-0034 Providers’ Responsibilities

110-15-0035 DSHS’s Responsibilities to Consumers

Approved Activities

110-15-0040 Approved Activities for Applicants and Consumers Participating in WorkFirst

110-15-0045 Approved Activities for Applicants and Consumers Not Participating in WorkFirst

110-15-0050 Additional Requirements for Self-Employed WCCC Consumers

Income and Copayment Calculations

110-15-0060 Countable Income

110-15-0065 Calculation of Income

110-15-0070 Excluded Income and Deductions

110-15-0075 Determining Income Eligibility and Copayment Amounts

110-15-0082 Eligibility Period

110-15-0085 Change in Copayment

110-15-0090 Minimum Copayment

Start Dates and Eligibility Period

110-15-0095 When WCCC Benefits Start

110-15-0106 When Provider Payments Start

110-15-0107 Denial of Benefits- Date of Re-determining Eligibility

110-15-0109 Reapplication

110-15-0110 Termination of and Re-determining Eligibility for Benefits


110-15-0120 When Notice of Payment Changes is Not Required

Eligible Child Care Providers

110-15-0125 Eligible Child Care Providers

110-15-0126 Electronic Attendance Records

Subsidy Rates and Fees

110-15-0180 WCCC Subsidy Rates

110-15-0190 WCCC Benefit Calculations

110-15-0200 Daily Child Care Rates- Licensed or Certified Child Care Centers

110-15-0205 Daily Child Care Rates - Licensed or certified family home child care providers

110-15-0210 Tiered reimbursement and quality improvement awards

110-15-0220 Special Needs Rates - Qualification and Required Documentation

110-15-0225 Special Needs Rates - Licensed or certified child care facilities and seasonal day camps

110-15-0230 Special Needs Rates - Licensed or certified family home child care providers

110-15-0235 Special Needs Rates - In-home/relative providers

110-15-0240 Child Care Subsidy Rates- In-home/Relative Providers

110-15-0245 Registration Fees

110-15-0247 Field Trip/Quality Enhancement Fees

110-15-0249 Nonstandard Hours Bonus

110-15-0250 Eligible Provider Capacity and Payment

Payment Discrepancies

110-15-0266 Payment Discrepancies-Generally

110-15-0267 Payment Discrepancies-Provider Underpayments

110-15-0268 Payment Discrepancies-Provider Overpayments

110-15-0269 Payment Discrepancies- Consumer Underpayments

110-15-0271 Payment Discrepancies- Consumer Overpayments

110-15-0275 Payment Discrepancies- Providers

Program Violations and Suspected Fraud

110-15-0277 Provider Program Violations and Suspected Fraud

110-15-0278 Consumer Program Violation

110-15-0279 Program Violations Sanctions

Administrative Hearings

110-15-0280 Right to Request an Administrative Hearing

110-15-0285 Receipt of WCCC benefits pending the outcome of an Administrative Hearing

Wait List for Child Care Programs

110-15-2210 Eligibility (Waitlist)

110-15-2220 Benefits start

110-15-2230 Withdrawal from and Reinstatement to the Waitlist

110-15-2240 Provider Payments