POL-0012-1 Verifying Single Parent Household Composition

Effective Date: 10/1/2018 | Last revised: 9/26/2018

See also: WAC 110-15-0012, SB 5883

Revisions: Policy Manual Revision Log


This policy applies at application, reapplication or change of circumstances that may change a copayment or increase in authorization.

  1. Household composition must be consistent with household composition information provided to other programs including TANF, Food, Medical, and the Division of Child Support.
  2. Consumers must provide the name and address of the other parent except:
    1. When they have an open child support case with the Division of Child Support or household composition was verified using current available systems; or
    2. When providing this information may result in serious physical or emotional harm to the consumer or anyone living with the consumer; or
    3. When the consumer provides a statement under penalty of perjury that the other parent’s information is unknown.
  3. DCYF requests additional verification or a collateral contact statement is requested when:
    1. The consumer provides questionable or inconsistent information; or
    2. An unexplained discrepancy in the household compositions exists between child care and the other programs.