Pol-0012-4 Verifying Citizenship for Newborn Children

Effective date: 12/2/2019 | Last revised:

See also: 110-15-0005, 110-15-0012, 45 CFR 98.20

Revisions: Policy Manual Revision Log


This policy applies to newborn children born in the United States who do not have citizenship verification available, such as a birth certificate.

  1. Newborns may be conditionally approved before citizenship verification is available
    US Citizen children less than 30 days old but the child is not showing in WHALES (DOH) and has not received their social security number, may be conditionally approved while the consumer obtains citizenship verification.
  2. Citizenship must be verified within 60 days of approval
    The consumer must provide verification of the child’s citizenship, or verification must be available electronically within 60 days of approval, or the child care authorization for the infant will be closed.