Pol-0031-1 Processing Changes in Circumstances

Effective date: 10/1/2018 | Last Revised: 3/3/2020

See also: WAC 110-15-0031, WAC 110-15-0085, CFR 98.21

Revisions: Policy Manual Revision Log


This policy applies when consumers report changes which may affect eligibility.

  1. Consumers who experience a permanent or temporary reduction in income, verified to last at least 31 days may be eligible for a copay re-determination.
  2. Consumers must submit requested information on or before the due date provided by CCSP. Should the due date fall on a non-business day, the consumer must provide the information on or before the next business day following the due date.
  3. Unless the consumer makes the request, the amount of care authorized is not reduced.
  4. If a consumer is late in reporting a change making them ineligible for child care, the consumer is liable for overpayments on benefits they receive after the date of the change.  The overpayment includes the required advanced 10 day notice.