Pol-0190-1 Calculating Benefits

Effective date: 10/1/2018 | Last revised: 8/6/2020

See also: WAC 110-15-0190, WAC 110-15-3770

Revisions: Policy Manual Revision Log


This policy applies when calculating the benefits a consumer is eligible for.

  1. Travel time is the time it takes to get to, and return from, an approved activity from the location where child care is taking place. 30 minutes each way is added to a consumer’s activity schedule for travel time unless consumers indicate otherwise.
    1. Verification may be used to confirm additional time, if questionable.
  2. DCYF will ask for a consumers study time schedule when school is an approved activity, to ensure adequate child care coverage.
  3. When care takes place overnight, DCYF authorizes care based on what is needed for each calendar day starting at 12:01am and ending at Midnight the same day.
  4. School-age child transitioning from 30 half day units to 46 half day units for summer break do not require supervisor approval.
  5. DCYF authorizes an additional 5 half day units for school age children, that have less than full-time authorization, to accommodate breaks/holidays from school, if the consumer’s activity schedule would make it necessary on non-school days.