2227. Quality Initiative

  1. Executive Order 97-03 requires each agency to implement a quality improvement program. The continuous quality improvement approach has demonstrated improved performance in a wide range of public and private organizations. Successful quality efforts require effective leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, employee involvement, continuous improvement, and self-assessment of results.
  2. Each agency is required to implement a program to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the public service it provides. Improvement in quality is to be accomplished through:
    1. Business process redesign, employee involvement (including involvement of recognized collective bargaining representatives), and other quality improvement techniques.
    2. Provision of training to employees to enable them to successfully implement and complete their efforts in quality improvement.
    3. Designation of a person in each agency to be responsible for improvement of the quality of the systems and work processes within the agency.
    4. Establishment of a Quality Steering Committee composed of appropriate senior management, mid-management, front line staff, and support staff organizations.
  3. The CA Quality Improvement Manager provides statewide coordination and technical assistance to support the Quality Initiative. The position is responsible for:
    1. Planning, coordinating, and implementing activities to further the Quality Initiative.
    2. Preparing the CA's annual quality improvement plan and revising as needed.
    3. Providing training regarding continuous quality improvement (CQI) theory and practice for all organizational levels of CA.
    4. Assisting quality improvement teams to use the continuous improvement strategy, including statistical process control.
    5. Developing mechanisms to report on the status of implementation of the Quality Initiative and progress made by quality improvement teams.
    6. Facilitating identification of priority areas for process improvement.
    7. Designing, administering, and analyzing customer, client, and employee surveys.