Juvenile Justice System Improvement

DCYF's Office of Juvenile Justice received a 2 year grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention - OJJDP to support a statewide Juvenile Justice System Improvement - JJSI Planning Project.  The two-year planning grant, with a focus on reducing racial and ethnic disparities, aimed at developing statewide strategies to reduce the out-of-home placement of youth who commit status and low-level offenses.  The goal is to develop statewide strategies that improve both public safety and outcomes for youth.

Strategic Plan Development Process

The development of the statewide strategic plan has been a collaborative process built on existing efforts and best practices, inclusive of stakeholder and community engagement, and informed by quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The two-year OJJDP Planning Grant Project concludes in September 2018 with a strategic plan that prioritizes public safety, accountability, and improved outcomes for youth and their families through the adoption of structured decision making tools, enhanced community–based alternatives to out-of-home placement, data collection, performance management, and increased capacity to sustain system improvement efforts.

Presentation of Key Findings

Technical Assistance Providers (Council of State Governments Justice Center)

On January 26, 2018, a team of Technical Assistance Providers presented their key findings, resource materials, and suggestions.  The presentation centered on three areas: Diversion, Detention, and Racial & Ethnic Disparities.   

Statewide Juvenile Justice Reform Planning Project – TVW Interviews

On June 15, 2017, Rehabilitation Administration Assistant Secretary Marybeth Queral and Center for Children & Youth Justice President Bobbe Bridge spoke on TVW Inside Olympia.

The Juvenile Justice Reform Planning process is a collaboration of more than 40 members of the institutions, organizations, and individuals involved and affected by the affected by the system who serve on a task force chaired by former Supreme Court Justice Bobbe Bridge, founding CEO and President of the Center for Children & Youth Justice.