Resolving Contract Disputes


RCW 43.20B.675 explains Department of Children, Youth, and Families' (formerly Children's Administration) process for resolving overpayments made to vendors.


If you have a disagreement about a payment that is not covered by RCW 43.20B.675, or you cannot resolve the disagreement at the local or regional level, you will need to send the following information to Children's Administration, Contract Management Unit (CMU) within 30 days of determining there is an issue:

  • Contractor's name, address and DSHS contract number.
  • Statement identifying the issue(s) in dispute.

Mail this information to:

Contract Management Unit
P.O. Box 45710
Olympia, WA 98504

Next Steps

  • Within 10 working days the CMU Contracts Manager will send you a written response requesting additional information related to the issues in your disagreement.
  • A Contract Dispute Reviewer, who has no previous involvement with you, the contracted service, or the disagreement, will review your information and the information submitted by DCYF and make a decision.

    If the Reviewer needs more information, you will be contacted within 10 working days from when your information was received.

  • The Contract Dispute Reviewer will send you a written decision within 30 days of receiving your original information. If the Reviewer needs more time, they will inform you of the delay in writing and give you an estimated date the decision will be made.
  • The decision is final and binding to both you and DCYF.