1110. Present Danger

Purpose Statement

Present danger can occur at anytime throughout the life of a case and must be assessed on a continual basis. A determination must be made if immediate protective actions are necessary to protect a child and the level of intervention required to keep the child safe.


  1. Assess if present danger exists during any contact with a child to determine if an immediate, significant and clearly observable behavior or situation is actively occurring and is threatening or dangerous to a child.
  2. When present danger exists, identify and take immediate protective action(s) necessary to create child safety.


  1. When assessing Present Danger in a Family Assessment Response case. Document present danger and protective actions through the Present Danger Assessment at least once during service delivery.
  2. In all other programs, document all protective actions taken to manage or control present danger in a FamLink case note using the protective action activity code or through completion of the Present Danger Assessment.
  3. When children in DCYF care and custody are determined to be in present danger in licensed or unlicensed care, children are removed from that placement. Notify intake per the Intake Process and Response policy.


Protective Action Plan DCYF 15-428


Present Danger Guide

Protective Action Guide