Strategic Plan

As part of our work to integrate and streamline practices as a newly formed agency, DCYF has developed a draft strategic plan that provides the framework for our priorities:

Over the next five years, DCYF will focus on five Strategic Priorities – three relate to our goals for children, youth and families, and two relate to building necessary agency capacity to accomplish the first three. These strategic priorities are grounded in the agency's mission, vision, values and legislative purpose.

Before the creation of DCYF, funding and services were not always connected. The draft strategic plan helps our agency focus on how we serve children, youth, families and our communities as one entity. This framework helps to build on existing funding and services to strengthen our ability to serve families as well as to disrupt racial inequity and disproportionality in our systems.

There is more work ahead for us to accomplish the priorities set out in the draft plan. The process to gather feedback on the draft will continue over the next four months with plenty of opportunity for engagement with staff and stakeholders.

Opportunities to Engage

In consideration of the DOH COVID-19 prevention recommendations, all Strategic Plan evening engagement events have been canceled through April. We are working on alternate engagement strategies to receive your feedback and will update this page with those opportunities soon.