Juvenile Rehabilitation in Washington State

DCYF's Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) serves Washington state's highest-risk young people, who are convicted of crimes that reflect the profound violence, neglect, trauma, addiction, and other challenges they faced before they ever reached our doors.

The goal of JR is to deliver treatment, provide resources, and develop skills so young people can plan for their future and reenter their communities. 

JR serves youth up to 25 years old who are committed to juvenile custody by a court. Since the “JR to 25” legislation was passed in 2018, the population is older, has longer sentences, has more connections with gangs, and has a greater history of criminality. 

Residential Facilities and JR Parole Services

DCYF oversees two Juvenile Rehabilitation facilities and JR Parole services at eight community facilities in Washington State. 

Map of DCYF Regional Structure

How do we do Rehabilitation?

We provide treatment programs that cover substance use, behavioral health, and mental health. The young people at our facilities receive research-based therapy and SUD treatment at our facilities. 

We also provide educational and vocational programs for young people. From parenting classes and financial literacy to arts education and yoga, they participate in programming that builds upon their interests. At facilities, young people can also pursue high school education, GED, vocational apprenticeships, associate degrees, and bachelor's degrees.

Our comprehensive approach addresses all the areas of need. We want young people to leave JR, get jobs, and achieve success within their communities. Safety and security are our top priorities; we cannot focus on rehabilitation without keeping our staff and young people safe.