Group Care

Group and residential care programs are each a type of live-in, out-of-home care placement in which staff are trained to work with children and youth. These placements offer a higher level of structure and supervision than what can be provided in a family home setting.

Group and residential programs are operated by private agencies licensed by DCYF and typically provide an array of services, including therapeutic services for children and families and educational and medical services for children or youth.

The 2024 WA CAP implementation for group care providers and CPA licenses is delayed due to: 

  • Group Care Negotiated Rule Making (NRM) process and revisions to WAC 110-145
  • Federal rules that allow DCYF to develop new kinship licensing standards

It is important to note that CPA staff and the foster homes they certify will continue to use WA CAP and the delay will not affect them.

CPA and Group Care Agency licensing in WA CAP will be reassessed in January 2025.