Child Placing Agencies

Child Placing Agencies (CPAs) are private agencies that are licensed by the DCYF Licensing Division (LD). There are two types of CPAs in Washington State:

  • CPAs that certify foster homes and provide caregiver support services
  • CPAs that provide private domestic and/or international adoption services

Foster Homes that are Certified by CPAs

  • Provide 24/7 home setting care to children in out of home placements. These out of home placement children can be DCYF custody, tribal custody or Office of Refugees and Resettlement children.
  • Share DCYF’s goal to reunify families
  • Can assist families when different permanent plans such as guardianship or adoption are determined to be in the best interest of the children.   
  • In partnership with private and tribal CPAs, DCYF strives to promote child safety, Kin first culture, and strength-based caregiver support services.

Licensing CPAs

LD is responsible for licensing CPAs and their certified foster homes. After the LD issues a license, it is responsible for providing on-going technical assistance and consultation to CPAs for program improvement.

Additionally, the LD is responsible for monitoring the CPA’s compliance with Washington Administrative Codes (WACs), Revised Coded of Washington (RCWS), and policies. LD may take corrective actions as needed. 

The 2024 WA CAP implementation for group care providers and CPA licenses is delayed due to:

  • Group Care Negotiated Rule Making (NRM) process and revisions to WAC 110-145
  • Federal rules that allow DCYF to develop new kinship licensing standards

It is important to note that CPA staff and the foster homes they certify will continue to use WA CAP and the delay will not affect them.

CPA and Group Care Agency licensing in WA CAP will be reassessed in January 2025.