43051A. Trial Return Home


Support parent(s) and child(ren) to achieve a safe and successful transition home and permanent reunification.


RCW 13.34.136

RCW 13.34.130 2.(c)


  1. Follow requirements outlined in the Reasonable Efforts policy prior to requesting a trial return home or when the Court orders the child's immediate return home.
  2. Prior to a dependent child returning to the home of a parent a background check must be completed on all adults living in the home.
  3. A trial return home must not exceed 6 months in duration, unless ordered by the court.
  4. Identify and assess all caregivers of the child for services related to the safety of the child, and:
    1. Recommend the caregiver participate in the identified services.
    2. Notify the court of any service recommendations made to the caregiver during a regular review hearing.
    3. Promptly notify the court if a caregiver fails to engage in or follow through with the recommended services.


  1. Provide ongoing assessment of potential child safety threats during the monthly health and safety visits. Update the Safety Plan with the family if safety threats are identified. Health and safety visits requirements are outlined in the 4420 policy.
  2. Update the Comprehensive Family Evaluation based on the family's progress and information gathered during the monthly health and safety visit.
  3. Provide the following once the child is placed in the parent's home under a trial return home:
    1. Ongoing safety and risk assessment
    2. Plan for monitoring the child's well-being (may include services and supports identified through CHET screening, Foster Care Assessment Program, or Family Team Decision Making)
    3. Other services identified in a Shared Planning meeting
    4. Revised trial return home plan or complete documentation for case closure.
  4. Consult with the local AAG office (prior to court hearing) and document when it is in the child's best interest to request an extension of the trial return home beyond 6 months.
  5. Recommend dismissal of the dependency when the parent(s) have completed the case plan requirements and demonstrated the ability to safely resume parenting and custody of the child(ren).
  6. Document all trial return home activities and any completed services as required in the electronic case file.