6530. Random Moment Time Study

Original Date:  July 1, 1997

Revised Date:  April 29, 2019

Sunset Review:  April 30, 2023

Approved by:  Ross Hunter, Secretary


The Random Moment Time Study (RMTS) is a sampling tool that is used to generate statistically valid statewide estimates of various activities performed by Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) child welfare employees. The sampling procedure is designed to meet the federal financial participation requirements for claiming matching funds for child welfare employees’ salaries and benefits and to provide audit documentation for state and federal review.


This policy applies to DCYF caseworkers, supervisors, time studied program managers, eligibility specialists, regional RMTS coordinators, and headquarters (HQ) program managers who provide a service, directly or indirectly, to children in home or in out-of-home care, for a majority of their time even if they do not carry a caseload i.e., staffing or supervising a case with another caseworker.


Social Security Act Title IV-A  Block Grants to States for Temporary Assistance Needy Families

Social Security Act Title IV-B  Child and Family Services

Social Security Act Title IV-E  Federal Payments for Foster Care and Adoption Assistance

Social Security Act Title XIX  Grants to States for Medical Assistance Programs

Social Security Act Title XX  Block Grants to States for Social Services and Elder Justice


  1. RMTS sampled employees must:
    1. Record the appropriate RMTS Activity and Detail Code, alpha and numerical designation, from the RMTS Activity and Detail Code Sheet available on RMTS DCYF intranet webpage.
    2. Complete each required field based on the code chosen including child and case information.
    3. Complete the sample within three business days.
  2. Sampled employee’s supervisors must provide RMTS training to caseworkers, time study program managers, and eligibility specialists using the training materials available on the RMTS DCYF intranet webpage.
  3. The regional RMTS coordinator must:
    1. Monitor the sample status for the employees in their offices or units.
    2. Work with the sampled employee’s supervisor when a sampled employee does not respond to their sample.
    3. Notify the HQ RMTS program manager when there is any change in the employment status of employee participating in the RMTS survey within five working days of the change.
    4. Provide HQ RMTS program manager with an appropriate RMTS Worker Type for each employee added to the FamLink RMTS system.
  4. The HQ RMTS program manager must:
    1. Review all completed samples for correctness as identified in the RMTS instructions;
    2. Generate a monthly sampling data summary, referred to as the RMTS Report; and
    3. Keep the list of sampled workers current by keeping in contact with the regional RMTS coordinators.


RMTS Activity & Detail Code Sheet (located on the RMTS DCYF intranet page)

RMTS Home Page (located on the RMTS DCYF intranet page)

RMTS Instructions (located on the RMTS DCYF intranet page)

RMTS Worker Types (located on the RMTS DCYF intranet page)