Child Care Stabilization Grant Awards

This dashboard is an interactive map showing where the providers who have received DCYF’s Child Care Stabilization Grants for licensed providers are located – by county, legislative district, school district, and zip code.

These grants are a result of the Federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), and are to be used to stabilize, support, and grow the diverse early learning workforce in a way that rebuilds a stronger child care system and expands access to affordable high-quality care. The total ARPA funding available for awards is $360 million. Through November of this year, DCYF has distributed more than $360 million in grant funds to over 5,300 licensed providers. These grants are being awarded according to the statutory definitions mandated in budget appropriations for these grants (see ESSB 5092 Sec 229(22)(a)(iii)).

For more information on grant eligibility and funding amounts, see DCYF Child Care Stabilization Grants. For up-to-date statewide data, see the Stabilization Grant “Fast Facts”. Note that statewide updates are often available before the maps below.


Data Source: DCYF WaCompass Grants file, Nov. 2022


WaSTEM logo In order to create this data dashboard, we partnered with Washington STEM. This tool was made possible by combining data and expertise from DCYF’s Office of Innovation, Alignment, and Accountability, and the technical expertise of Washington STEM.

Data File: DCYF Child Care Stabilization Grant Awards

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