14500. Requesting a Notary

  1. Following are the steps to be taken by CA staff to become a notary through the Office of Risk Management's (ORM) Risk Management Services Section:
    1. The applicant completes an Application for Appointment or Reappointment as a Notary Public, #NP659-007 Notary Public App (R5/94), obtained from the Department of Licensing.
    2. Once the application is completed, the contact person sends a memorandum to ORM, P. O. Box 45844, MS 45844, Olympia, WA 98504-5844. The following elements are included in the memorandum:
      1. Whether it is an original or renewal application.
      2. Name of the employee.
      3. Notary stamp delivery address.
      4. Contact person: name, address, and telephone number.
      5. Funding code.
      6. Whether or not applicant wants a notary stamp.
    3. Once the applicant receives the certificate in the mail, and, if the applicant has requested the procurement of a notary stamp, the applicant gives a copy of the certificate to the contact person.
    4. The contact person faxes or mails a copy of the certificate to Kimura Insurance Agency, P. O. Box 3142, Seattle, WA 98114. Telephone number: (206) 323-4773; Fax number: (206) 324-7668.
    5. Kimura Insurance Agency will then send the stamp by United Parcel Service to the local or regional CA office's street address.
    6. If the applicant is renewing their notary, ORM needs to receive the renewal memorandum 45 days before the applicant's notary expires.
    7. Staff with questions may contact ORM at (360) 664-3249