Child Fatality & Serious Injury Reports

Licensed Child Care

Child fatality reviews of child care-related fatalities are conducted, as required by RCW 43.216.650, when a child death occurs in an early learning program such as a licensed child care center or a licensed family home child care. The purpose of the fatality review is to develop recommendations to the department and legislature regarding changes in licensing requirements, practice, or policy to prevent fatalities and strengthen safety and health protections for children in child care settings.

Family, Friend and Neighbor

DCYF is committed to protecting children and supporting Family, Friend and Neighbor (FFN) providers in order to prevent as many injuries and fatalities as possible. When  concerns of child abuse and neglect, injuries and/or fatalities arise in FFN provider care, DCYF may respond in a number of ways, including but not limited to: the determination to provide increased education/training; the development of policy or legislative changes; and the possibility of removing the provider’s ability to care for children.

Child Welfare

Child fatality reviews of child welfare cases are conducted, as required by RCW 74.13.640, in cases where the fatality of a child is suspected to be caused by abuse or neglect of any minor in care of the department or received services from the department within one year preceding the child’s death.  A child fatality review’s purpose is to evaluate the Department’s delivery of services to the family, as well as the system response to the identified needs of the family.  This review of the Department’s services and community response to concerns about child abuse and neglect issues helps to identify areas for increased education and training, as well as potential policy or legislative changes.