1730. Shelter Care Case Conference


Provide an opportunity to develop and specify in a written case plan the expectations of both CA and the parent regarding the care and placement of their child.


RCW 13.34.067

RCW 74.14A.020

RCW 13.34


  1. Following Shelter Care and no later than thirty days prior to Fact Finding hearing CA will facilitate a conference to develop a written service agreement.
  2. Required participants must be invited to the Shelter Care Case Conference.


  1. Schedule a Case Conference meeting when the court establishes shelter care and no later than thirty days before the Fact Finding court hearing.
  2. Invite to the case conference the following individuals:
    1. Parents
    2. Youth (as developmentally appropriate)
    3. Parents and youth's assigned counsel
    4. GAL or CASA
    5. Tribe(s)
    6. Other persons identified and agreed upon by the parties
  3. Develop a written case plan including the expectations of CA and the parents regarding the care and placement of the parent's child.
  4. Document the Case Conference within the Shared Planning Page in FamLink.


  • Case Plan