4422. Guidelines for Client Referrals to Contractors

  1. Social Workers must provide contractors with written information regarding referred cases. The release of information to contracting agencies is permitted under RCW 13.50.100. The social worker provides the following information in the initial referral, when available and applicable:
    1. Date and time of referral.
    2. Inclusive dates of service authorization.
    3. Purpose of the referral. Provide a clear statement to the contractor regarding type of case; e.g., crisis intervention, child abuse, reunification, etc., and the services to be performed.
    4. Clear, written expectations to the contractor; e.g., "This is a CPS case. Please provide unannounced visits, document your observations, and report them to the assigned social worker."
    5. Description of family strengths and extended family networks (if known).
    6. Family members' responses to current and past services.
    7. Known or suspected past or current mental health, developmental, or other health related disabilities and conditions.
    8. Known or suspected past or current involvement with drugs, alcohol, or illegal activities.
    9. Copy of current report to the court.
  2. The social worker complies with the following procedures for ongoing case management:
    1. Keep the contractor informed of new developments/concerns regarding referred case.
    2. Keep a written record of required reports, noting date due, date received, acceptable, non-acceptable, etc.