4520. HIV/AIDS Support Services

Service Definition

DCFS provides coordination and information and referral within each region for locating appropriate medical and support services for clients with HIV or AIDS and for assisting social workers with administrative policy and law specific to casework with clients who may be HIV positive.


Clients who are at risk of becoming or who are HIV positive are eligible for the service.

Procedures for Access

  1. The social worker consults with their regional AIDS coordinator regarding HIV statute and policy whenever an issue surfaces that involves HIV.
  2. Specific confidentiality statutes apply regarding sharing information about HIV status. Testing for HIV also is governed by specific statute. Refer to 8010. Bloodborne Pathogens Implementation Practices and Procedures, for state policy and guidelines on blood borne pathogens.
  3. See 4313. Notification of Court Hearings, Providing Reports to Court, and Information Sharing with Out-of-Home Caregivers for requirements to disclose information regarding HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases to the residential care provider for the child who is less than 14 years of age.