4529. Specialized Receiving Care

Service Definition

Specialized receiving care is short-term licensed foster care. Certain receiving homes have been identified as specialized receiving homes to serve some children who are in conflict with their parents, runaways, and other children with special needs. This type of care is short-term, emergency care for thirty days or less.

Procedures for Access

  1. The social worker determines that kinship care, regular receiving care, and Crisis Residential Center (CRC) care are not available or are inappropriate prior to placement in specialized receiving care.
  2. The social worker locates and contacts an available, appropriate specialized receiving home parent utilizing the locally determined placement system.
  3. The social worker provides the specialized receiving home parent with information about the immediate condition of the child, the child's behaviors, school and medical information, background information and specifics of the permanency plan that will affect the child and the placement. For example, the worker will let the specialized receiving home parent know the family time and sibling visitation plan, what the foster parents' responsibilities are, when the child next needs to see a doctor or other professional, and where and when the child is likely to be moved.
  4. The social worker clarifies future visits to the specialized receiving home and provides the specialized receiving home with written background information and emergency numbers upon placing the child.
  5. See section 45282 for procedures regarding federal funding.
  6. See section 45282, paragraph H, for the requirement to contact the child placed after hours or on weekends within the next few days following placement.
  7. See section 45283 for information regarding TANF maintenance for the child's family.