Jennifer Redman

Jennifer's photo
Director of Operations, Safety, and Security

Jennifer Redman has been with the Department of Social and Health Services/Children, Youth and Families, Juvenile Rehabilitation (JR) since 1995. Early in her career, she served in various direct care roles at Green Hill School, Maple Lane School, and Region 5 Parole in Tacoma. Jennifer returned to Maple Lane School in 2001 for leadership positions ranging from Sex Offender Treatment Coordinator, Court Liaison and Training Manager, Unit Manager, and Associate Superintendent. She began her first statewide position in 2008 as Deputy Director for Institution Programs. During that time, Jennifer led and participated in several statewide JR initiatives, including serving as the Performance-based Standards statewide lead and Juvenile Offender Basic Training Camp (JOBTC) Administrator for several years. In early 2017, she was appointed as Superintendent of Green Hill School, with the primary goal of improving conditions of confinement, leading to national recognition and receipt of the 2019 Performance-based Standards Barbara Allen-Hagen Award for the work she and her team led to reduce the use of room confinement and isolation. In March 2023, Jennifer was appointed JR Director of Operations, Safety, and Security. Jennifer’s passion for the work is in operations and ensuring the environments serving the young people are safe, secure, trauma-informed, and exceed practice standards.

Jennifer is married with two sons. She spends much of her spare time with non-profits in her community focused on filling the financial gap and increasing access for students and athletes with the highest need.  Jennifer and her family love anything sports-related and spending time with their two rescue dogs. She has a bachelor of arts in psychology and Law and Justice and a master’s of science in the administration of criminal justice.