Rebecca Kelly

Rebecca Kelly headshot
Senior Manager

Rebecca Kelly has served as DCYF’s Senior Manager for Juvenile Rehabilitation since 2013. She has extensive experience leading rehabilitation and treatment services for youth, families and adults, and she is deeply committed to promoting the human dignity of the young people in DCYF’s care. She also promotes youth’s capacity for change and reentry into the community through advancing policy and planning, racial equity and quality assurance.

Rebecca has worked to advance public policy in state social services since 2003. This includes serving as the mental health administrator in Juvenile Rehabilitation, leading the children’s long-term inpatient program, serving as response-team lead for the children’s mental health Medicaid/EPSDT lawsuit and serving as supervisor of the children’s mental health team.

Prior to state service, Rebecca worked in the private behavioral health and medical care arenas providing direct care and complex case management. She also served as clinical director for an agency providing therapeutic behavioral health services in group-care settings for young people.

Rebecca loves spending time with her husband and two teenage daughters exploring the world through hiking, art, travel, making and trying new foods and community engagement.