ECEAP and Head Start Uptake Dashboard

This dashboard illustrates the number of eligible families who “uptake” ECEAP or Head Start preschool slots. It shows the number of children served by ECEAP or Head Start as a proportion of the selected population filters.

You may view the Uptake rate by County, Legislative District, School District, or by ZIP Code Tabulated Areas (ZCTAs). You may also switch map modes to either include or exclude children receiving Working Connections Child Care Subsidies (WCCC) from the population.


Population estimates are from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. 
Masking – Due to data confidentiality, cell sizes <10 for served counts are masked (not visible).
Data Source: DCYF Early Learning Data Store 2.0 (ELDS 2.0); Data relevant as of Jan. 2024.

Data Files:

Questions? For questions about the maps or underlying data, email