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Washington State NYTD Survey for 21 year olds

What is NYTD?

NYTD is a survey offered to eligible foster youth. The survey makes it possible for you and others like you to share how you’re doing as you transition out of the foster care system. Only you know, understand, and have experienced what it’s like to be in foster care. We need your input to help us get better at providing services to youth as they move from foster care into adulthood. Youth who turn 17 between October through the following September AND take the survey, will be contacted again near their 19th and 21st birthdays to do follow-up surveys.  The survey is completed in cohorts and not all youth will be part of the survey population. The Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) contracts with DSHS Research and Data Analysis (RDA) Division to complete the survey.  RDA will contact you if you are in the survey population.

What’s in it for you?

  • Most important is that YOUR VOICE is heard!
  • You will receive a gift card of your choice from either: Amazon, Subway, Target, or Walmart for completing each survey! Here’s how much each gift card is worth:
    • $15 Gift card at age 17
    • $25 Gift card at age 19
    • $35 Gift card at age 21

Why should you help?

Washington State could lose funding to help foster youth, if we don’t have enough completed surveys. This will mean less money for services for you and other foster youth. By participating in the NYTD survey you:

  • Teach us which services are helpful to youth as they transition out of foster care
  • Show us how youth are really doing once they are out on their own
  • You get prizes!

Your story can help improve the foster care system for thousands of young people! Your answers are always kept private and safe.

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