4270. Department of Corrections Confinement Alternatives


Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) families applying or participating in the Family and Offender Supervision Alternative Programs (FOSA) and the Community Parenting Alternative (CPA) are supported through case coordination and collaboration with Department of Corrections (DOC).


RCW 9.94A - Sentencing Reform Act of 1981


  1. DCYF will provide DOC with requested case information to support DOC's assessment of parent's eligibility for the FOSA and CPA programs.
  2. DCYF will collaborate with DOC and other programs in case planning on all open shared cases.


  1. Respond to DOC request within five calendar days for CA related information for an offender when:
    • The court is considering FOSA or
    • DOC is considering CPA
  2. Provide ongoing case coordination and collaboration with DOC to prevent service duplication for all parents accepted in the FOSA or CPA programs and have an open CA case including:
    • Invite DOC worker to all shared planning meetings.
    • Participate in a minimum of one monthly face to face contact with DOC worker.
    • Participate in safety staffing for DOC Parenting Program with DOC worker and offender to determine services and case coordination.
    • Until the child is placed, ensure family time occurs per Family Time and Sibling and Relative Visits policy.
  3. Consider if an incarcerated parent with an open DCYF case should be referred to DOC for eligibility determination in FOSA or CPA. Make any referrals through email or phone to CA headquarters CFWS program manager.

Forms and Tools

  • Request for Information - Initial Request Form
  • Request for Information - Open Case Request Form

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