4509. Respite For Parents

Respite care offers time limited relief for substitute parenting or care giving of a child. For the purposes of this section, respite care is available for parents whose children are dependent and who are in the custody and control of CA.

  1. Respite care to prevent out of home placement or re-entry into out of home care is:
    1. Based on the child's special needs.
    2. Available on an emergent basis to prevent placement disruption; or,
    3. A planned event as part of the child's safety plan to remain in the home or the child's safety and transition plan during a trial return home.
  2. The respite provider must have experience and/or training to deal with the particular special needs of the child in care.
  3. Social worker responsibilities:
    1. Explore other available resources to assist in providing respite including:
      1. Family resources
      2. Other DSHS divisions, for example, the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD)
      3. The Regional Support Networks (RSN) for emergency respite care for mental health clients to prevent hospitalization. Multi-disciplinary "wrap-around" service planning groups may also occasionally authorize respite care in the context of a plan that prevents a child from entering out-of-home care.
    2. Complete the background check process prior to approval of the services, if not previously completed,
    3. Authorize payment for respite only when utilizing a licensed out-of-home provider or approved provider in home where the child resides.