8080. Establishment of an Administrator's Account

  1. CA local offices are to:
    1. Develop a statement of purpose for the account; for example, "The sole purpose of this account is to provide direct needs and opportunities for children and their families when no other resource is available."
    2. Stipulate the criteria for use, the amount available per request, and the process that will be developed to allow access to Administrator Account funds.
    3. Write a memo to the Regional Administrator requesting the establishment of an Administrator's Account. In the request, include the fund's purpose, criteria for use, and process for accessing funds. The Regional Administrator or designee will send a written request to the Chief, DSHS Office of Accounting Services, with a copy to the CA Director of Management Services. The written request must include the name of the bank, name and classification of individuals authorized to sign account checks, and the name and classification of the individual responsible for reconciling monthly bank statements with the office records.
  2. Once the DSHS Office of Accounting Services has granted authority to establish the account, the local office identifies staff to be the:
    1. Accounts Receivable Coordinator;
    2. Committee or Person(s) to review/approve requests for funds;
    3. Disposition Person;
    4. Fund Trustee;
    5. Mail Person;
    6. Recording Person, and
    7. Reconciliation Person