8120. Accounts Receivable Coordinator

The Accounts Receivable Coordinator:

  1. Receives the Cash Items Mail Log and the cash/negotiable items from the mail person.
  2. Verifies that the cash/negotiable items are shown on the Cash Items Mail Log and, after verification, dates and signs the mail log, retaining the pink copy.
  3. Issues a pre-numbered and sequential receipt for all cash/negotiable items requiring a receipt. If the cash/negotiable items received are for a specific purpose, they are to be referred to as a restricted donation, with a note of the restriction on the receipt issued to the donor.
  4. Prepares the disposition documents required for the disposal of cash and negotiable items. The disposition documents will include the bank deposit slip, the Cash Items Mail Log, and a copy of the receipt issued to the donor.
  5. Secures all cash and negotiable items until transferred to the Disposition Clerk along with the disposition documents.