8130. Disposition Person

The Disposition Person:

  1. Verifies that the cash and/or negotiable received from the Accounts Receivable Coordinator equals the amount shown on the disposition documents. Completes the disposition entries on the various receipt and disposition documents. Signs and dates the disposition documents.
  2. Secures the deposit until it can be taken to the bank. Gives bank- validated deposit slips along with the copies of the receipt and disposition documents to the recording person on the same day the deposit is made.
  3. Receives approved disbursement authorizations from committee or person(s) responsible for reviewing and approving requests for funds.
  4. Prepares check (in ink) and writes the check number on the Disbursement Authorization. Has the check signed by at least two people who are authorized on the bank account signature card.
  5. Gives the completed Disbursement Authorizations to the Recording Person.