2020 Tax Season and Information for Caregivers 

February 4, 2021
Tax time

Foster parents and kinship caregivers may claim a tax deduction on certain foster care payments for children who have been placed in their care for more than half of the tax year. Exceptions apply for a foster child who was born within the tax year; caregivers will need to check with their tax advisor in these situations. 

Staff should process the application for a newborn or infant’s social security number (SSN) as quickly as possible, if one had not already been issued. Please provide a child’s SSN when requested by the caregiver for tax purposes. A written request from the caregiver is not necessary. It is particularly critical this year to give caregivers the necessary information so they can claim foster children, if allowable, as 2020 tax filings will likely be used to determine who should receive a stimulus payment should additional stimulus be issued during 2021. 

Please remember that staff cannot provide tax advice to caregivers. 


Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 1-800-829-1040 or at www.irs.gov. IRS publication 501 provides information on exemptions related to dependents and qualifying children. 

DCYF Finance Office, Tax Desk (833) 725-3502 or dcyf.taxreporting@dcyf.wa.gov, can help providers and vendors with: 

  • Requests for copies of tax documents sent by DCYF to the provider 
  • Adjusting tax documents to reflect repayment of overpayments 
  • IRS correspondence the provider has received about DCYF payments 

Thank you for offering your support and assistance to our caregivers.

Read the Memo from Kwesi Booker, Assistant Secretary